Meet Our Team

We are students like you who want to make finding the college essentials safe & simple at a low cost to you!

Parker Steen


Matthew Gadawski


Autumn Tran


Our Goal

Finds was started by a group of three Texas A&M students that wanted to buy and sell college necessities through other online marketplaces, but saw a gap in the safety, outrageous listing fees, and disconnect between the buyer and seller. Through Finds, whether it be your university sport tickets to dorm decor, you can find whatever you need in a marketplace focused on you.

Within our platform, you can create your own online store with whatever you want to sell and we help bring in buyers from your university and beyond. Our low transaction fees make help you put more in your pocket, while buyers can find affordable products. As a buyer, you can search by school, product details, or price range to find exactly what you want. It has never been easier to buy it and sell it, so let’s find it together!

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